Tuition Fees in United Kingdom

British students pay different tuition fees from international students (including EU students). Fees are also different depending on the university or study programme you choose.

Tuition fees for international undergraduate students range between £9,000 and £33,500 per year, while tuition fees for international students at postgraduate level cost between  £7,000 – £36,400 per year, the average programme being £20,000. For UK nationals, tuition fees at undergraduate level range between £1,820 and £9,250, while postgraduate courses cost between £3,350 and £22,300.

If cost is a big factor for you when choosing a university, the cheapest tuition fees for international students according to QS TopUniversities are Coventry UniversityRoyal Agricultural University, and University of Suffolk. Also, keep in mind that online programmes are usually cheaper than campus-based ones. We have over 700 online Bachelor’s programmes in the UK, the cheapest only £1,784 per year and over 2,500 online Master’s programmes, starting at £540 per year.

Sometimes, students can benefit from a tuition fee waiver, meaning a discount applied to your overall tuition fee. However, this is usually available only for UK and sometimes EU students. Check on your university’s page to be sure. Also, remember that there are plenty of scholarships available for both national and international students.

Use the ‘Tuition fee’ filter on the left menu of our Bachelor’sMaster’s or PhD search pages to find the programme best suited for your budget. You can also sort the list of available programmes by Lowest tuition fee, by clicking the top right Sort button.

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