Work and study in United Kingdom

Are international students allowed to work in the UK?

Generally yes, but there are some restrictions. The maximum number of working hours for international students in the UK depends on your exact Visa conditions. Usually, the limit is 20 hours during term time and full-time during holidays, but sometimes, international students can be restricted to only 10 hours during term times. To be sure, you must check what conditions are set on your Visa. Furthermore, your university may also impose further restrictions.

If you are eligible, the first place to search for a job is your university’s career page where they post jobs, specifically for students.

Is United Kingdom safe?

The UK is generally considered a safe country: according to the latest data available from the Global Peace Index 2021, which ranks countries based on their level of safety and security, the UK is ranked as the 42nd safest country out of 163 countries worldwide.

Additionally, a survey conducted by the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) in 2018 showed that 87% of international students in the UK felt safe living in the country. This was based on responses from over 2,000 international students.

Universities in the UK take the safety and security of their students very seriously, and many have dedicated support services and advice available to help students stay safe. However, like in any country, there are still some risks that students should be aware of, such as pickpocketing, petty theft, and online fraud. It’s good to remember some of these common-sense personal safety measures that you would use anywhere else in the world:

  1. Make sure you know the emergency numbers999 or 112
  2. Avoid dark corners or streets at night
  3. Pay extra attention when you take money out from ATMs
  4. Try not to walk around alone at night
  5. Be mindful of pickpocketing

Healthcare options

The healthcare system in the UK is called National Health Service (NHS), and to be able to access its services as an international student, you need to pay a £470 Healthcare surcharge along with your Visa application. This is enough to cover your healthcare needs.

Although more expensive, private providers are an alternative to the NHS and offer faster access to specialists and shorter waiting times. There are various private healthcare providers in the UK, including BUPA, AXA PPP, and VitalityHealth, among others.

You may also get healthcare through your university, which may have its own healthcare facilities or partnerships with private providers.

Student insurance in United Kingdom

Your student Visa will cover your basic healthcare needs, however, you may prefer private insurance which will give you extra benefits like emergency assistance and money to support you in case of a long illness.

>>> Request an Aon Student Insurance online. For international students, researchers, Erasmus students and educational staff – we have the right insurance for your situation.

Support services available for international students

Your university is the most important place where you can find quality student support services during your university years. Examples of student support services include disability support, counselling and mental health, academic support, language support, orientation programmes, sexual harassment support, conflicts and violence support, and support services for special needs students.

Your university will have an International Office where you can access some of the above-mentioned services, like information about immigration, visas, funding your studies, employment regulations and opportunities.

Here are a couple of organisations providing support to international students:

  • Student Minds, a charity meant to support students in the UK with all mental health issues.
  • The British Council, where you can also find a lot of information about everything to do with your international study experience.

Student organisations

There are several popular student organisations for international students in the UK, including:

  • The Student Unionis the most important student organisation in the UK and will likely be part of the National Union of Students (NUS). The union is meant to protect students’ rights without being affiliated with the university where it operates. The Student Union at your university is run by students and forms a great student community where you can easily get involved.
  • UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA), a charity created to support international students with advice and information in many areas, including Visas and Immigration, Fees and Money, Working, Preparation and Arrival, and more.
  • The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) provides support for international students studying in Europe, including the UK. They offer a range of activities and events, including language exchanges, cultural trips, and social events.
  • The International Students House (ISH): provides accommodation and support services for international students studying in London. They offer a range of services, including housing, social events, and academic support.

Things to do for students on a budget

One of the free things to do in the UK for students is go to the museum. There is a rich selection of awesome museums, and most of them have free entry. Museums in the UK are lively places, where kids are allowed to play and often enjoy interactive experiences. Head over here for a full list of museums in the UK.

You will also find many cheap things to do in the UK if you visit different cities or outdoor locations. The UK is not very big, which makes travelling easy and as an international student, you won’t want to miss the most famous and epic tourist destinations in the country.

Top 5 urban attractions:

  1. Must-see landmarks in LondonOne of the most famous cities in the world, home for the British monarchy and many well-known icons like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, the capital has so much to offer, from world-class (FREE) museums to zorbing on green hills.

Read this article about Cheap Things You Can Do in London on a Student Budget to discover plenty of ideas.

  1. Roman heritage inHome to beautiful 2000 years-old Roman baths, Bath also showcases some great examples of Georgian architecture, a style dating from the 18th century, named after four British kings named George.
  2. Scottish medieval sights in EdinburghYou shouldn’t miss this awesome Scottish city, even if you can only visit it for one day. Edinburgh Castle sits in the middle of the city built atop an extinct volcano. You can also visit The Royal Botanic Gardensas well as the Camera Obscura and World of Illusions, where you’ll definitely have a lot of fun.
  3. See the famous location of TheCanterburyHere you can visit the famous Canterbury Cathedral, the very first cathedral of England, the Roman Museum hosted inside an original Roman Villa, or the Franciscan Gardens, belonging to the first Franciscan Settlement in Britain.
  4. See where Titanic took off in Southampton. You can see the Titanic Exhibition because Southampton was the home port of the Titanic, and the city has a fascinating exhibition about the ill-fated ship and its passengers. And keep the mood, you can continue by exploring the SeaCity Museum which features interactive exhibits, artefacts, and stories about the city’s relationship with the sea.

Top 5 outdoor attractions

Keep these in mind for great adventures in nature after you’re done with those busy exams and assignments and need a taste of fresh air and wild beauty.

  1. The Lake DistrictSituated in the North of England, this is the largest national park in England where you can climb its highest mountain, Scafell Pike. The park is famous for its beautiful lakes, mountains, soft valleys, and sandy coastlines. It’s the perfect place for a late spring or summer adventure in nature. Don’t miss it.
  2. Scilly IslandIf you visit the gorgeous Isles of Scilly in summer, you might wonder if you’re still in Britain. Well, you are, although it looks like a tropical paradise.
  3. The Scottish HighlandsSnow covered mountaintops and old castles amid crystal clear lakes and an atmosphere of perfect peace. This is what you’ll find in the Scottish Highlands whether you go hiking in summer, skiing in winter, or horse-riding any time of the year.
  4. StonehengeA famous prehistoric site in Salisbury, believed to have been built over a 1000 year period from 3000 BCE to 2000 BCE, which is still a big mystery for archaeologists. Stonehenge is an engineering masterpiece, a spiritual place, and still an inspiration for people today.
  5. CotswoldsHere you can get lost into the charming British countryside, walk on the streets of pretty villages made of limestone and traditional market towns. The place is so beautiful, it was declared an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AOBN).

Travelling in the UK

To get to your destinations, you can take a train or coach. The National Railway tends to be a bit more expensive, but you can travel on a budget with coach rides from National Express.

You can also buy a number of student cards which offer student travel discounts:

  1. 16-25 Railcardwhich gives discounts for rail tickets if you are 16 to 25 years of age.
  2. 18+ Student Oyster photocardfor students living in London to get a 30% discount of Travelcards, as well as Bus&Tram season tickets.
  3. Young Persons Coachcardfor discounts when travelling with National Express coaches if you’re aged 16 to 26.

International Student Identity Card which gives discounts to international students for a bunch of things, not only travelling, but also food, entertainment, clothes, and more. The card is valid in 125 countries, not just the UK.

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